"In the rhythm of music a secret is hidden; if I were to divulge it, it would overturn the world." ~ Rumi

"The premise that music heals and transports is not a new concept. What I find amazing about this modality [Sound Healing] is it has a profound often audible 'conversation' with the body. One in which our 'conscious' mind is only an observer not a director thus permitting a burst of freedom and opening for wonder."  ~  India Rassner-Donovan RN, MSW

"A deeply relaxing, healing journey to the self, and beyond the self that no words I know can describe … and it's legal!"  ~ Deborah Schmidt, CYT, PRYT

"Everybody was particularly impressed with the Tibetan Bowls played by Billie Woods, including the Vet TRIIP Staff who participated...." ~ Bob Deschner, AVFAC

"I can honestly say that when I was so completely stressed that I couldn't sleep for days, with one session I became so completely relaxed that I slept like a baby that night. This is powerful stuff!"  ~ Brad Stafford, Systems Administrator

"The first time I experienced group sound healing with Billie, it was more than just "music to my ears". As I lay on my yoga mat, a sensation I can't quite describe began at the base of my spine and quickly ran the entire length, exiting with a pleasurable burst of Centered Energy! What was that? "How did you do that, Billie? Can you do that to me again?" "I didn't do that" she said, "YOU did that". I hope you, too, can experience this for yourself."  ~ Shirley Baugh, BSN, RN, CYT

"Billie is very conscientious and approaches her sound healing work with intelligence, deep commitment and professionalism. She does a lot of work (studying, research) prior  to seeing me, so she is well prepared. The sessions themselves have a nice ritual about them and are deeply relaxing."  ~ Ellen B. Smith, M.A., CYT, ERYT